The medical device industry is always on the search for diverse solutions. We believe those solutions happen when diverse people are leading the charge.

MedTech Color aims to help build a community of leaders of color in the medical device industry. We want to reach this goal by serving as a catalyst for professional development, driving thought leadership and increasing the number of underrepresented executives who enter and stay in the industry.

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We believe in unlocking opportunities in a variety of ways

We have taken some major steps to change the medical device industry and accomplish our primary organizational goals. Our progress is just beginning, but the following highlights the potential impacts these events have on the status quo.

Creating connections with our Networking Breakfast

Our Annual Networking Breakfast gives individuals an opportunity to meet a variety of people in the Medical Device Industry. Last year, we had 140+ people attend and nine sponsor organizations led breakout sessions to enhance the conversation about the medtech ecosystem. We want to our next Networking Breakfast to be bigger and better than this spectacular year, but we need your help to make that happen.

Elevating the MedTech Start-ups and Ideation

We also hosted our Pitch Competition, an event that awards $100,000 in capital to 4 person of color led digital health + medtech startups. We had amazing candidates this year, including groups that fight to solve fun on-demand grief counseling for kids and others harnessing the regenerative power of fat. We want to be at the forefront of social and technological change.

It’s better with a Collaborative Community

To build a better industry, we have to come together to make that happen. Our Collaborative Community is working together to advance the representation of persons of color in medical device product development and clinical research. We develop strategies, resources, best practices and thought leadership to increase awareness and mitigate the impacts inclusivity. Equity is the future and we’re working to make that happen now.

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