Walgreens, Senior Manager, Patient & Community Engagement Digital Optimization

Job Summary

Responsible for developing inclusive recruitment strategies and leading patient community engagement outreach for RWE Clinical Trials under the primary direction of the Head, Digital Optimization, serving as a liaison between the Walgreens RWE Clinical Trials, the community coalitions, and various local, regional, and national stakeholders to integrate, and collaborate with community level public health initiatives regarding RWE clinical trials at Walgreens. The role focuses on building strategic collaborations between Walgreens and community based providers and researchers and is assigned community based provider and research sites.

Job Responsibilities
Establishes and maintains professional relationships with key medical experts, key decision makers and biomedical research leaders within assigned community networks or clinical practices functioning as the primary point of contact for collaboration leadership ensuring timely communication and consistent engagement.
Collaborate with leadership of community partners and Walgreens RWE CT stakeholders to jointly define strategic engagement plans that reflect partner capability and a Walgreens CT enterprise view.
Delivers plans that effectively differentiate the scientific value of community collaborators while enabling positive and productive experiences for these partners.
Manage the execution of community collaborator specific engagements plans, proactively identifying potential performance disrupters facilitating resolution
Monitor the progress of the strategic plans and engages
Management on a periodic basis for review and adjustment based on research needs
Scan internal and external environment anticipating potential bottleneck and or pitfalls involving Network engagement implementing and or advising on corrective actions anticipates and mitigates issues driving toward timely resolution within each network
Leverage analytics metrics to identify opportunities to optimize performance
Build and manage strategic projects to support Walgreens RWE Clinical Trials vision and priorities