VERANEX, Senior Systems Engineer

Veranex is growing to meet the ever-evolving needs of the MedTech industry. If you’re looking to accelerate your career and make an impact in MedTech, please apply below.

Veranex has partnered with Genius Talent in search of a Senior Systems Engineer. The Systems Engineer is expected to contribute to technical research and concept development across healthcare/medical device programs in both lead and support roles, collaborating across internal and client teams. This individual will drive product innovation processes for our clients through the synthesis of unmet needs, product definition, and systems level design.

Reporting to the VP of Product Innovation, the System Engineer will lead systems-oriented design (defining and designing product architectures, functions, and uses) and manage deliverables within the established criteria. The System Engineer may act as the technical lead on system definition and technical research programs or will act as the systems lead on multidisciplinary programs.


  • Contribute during all phases of the Product Innovation cycle with particular emphasis on product definition and conceptualization.
  • Lead technical research processes, collecting and documenting research findings and articulating insights and recommendations
  • Facilitate the organization and distillment of evolving product requirements including the translation of user needs and the definition of technical requirements
  • Communicate with client teams to gather inputs, alignment, and establish relationships to support program activities
  • Lead system design and architecture definition conceptualization; creating block diagrams, use cases, and feature functional mapping
  • Support concept generation and design engineering with reference requirements and targeted technical research activities
  • Create varied levels of conceptual prototypes to evaluate concept feasibility and performance
  • Support user field research activities with observation and note taking
  • Contribute to Product Innovation team culture, consistently exploring and sharing thoughts and ideas amongst the group
  • Collaborate across the organization to further define systems engineering processes and deliverables



  • Systems-oriented engineer with passion for holistically identifying and applying technical requirements into conceptual solutions.
  • Capable of supporting user field research activities, especially observation and note taking
  • Comfortable translating unmet user needs and driving process of translating synthesized user needs into product requirements and system architectures.
  • Curious technical researcher, engaged by open-ended challenges and undefined solution space
  • Proven experience exploring and concepting technical systems, with an ability to a visualize. and prototype concepts for evaluation and refinement
  • Ability to identify gaps in technical knowledge and create a plan to pursue information
  • Creative brainstormer capable of effectively applying engineering knowledge to product challenges
  • Comfortable with iterative processes and evolving program scope
  • Engaged by cross functional team structure, with dynamic roles and engagement from project to project
  • Working knowledge of common technology systems and manufacturing processes, including injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, machined part design, etc.
  • Highly organized individual, with thorough and careful approach to product innovation
  • Effective communicator, especially involving transmission of technical concepts to non-technical teams and clients
  • Capable of handling many concurrent project work streams
  • Experience estimating the effort and duration of tasks, informing program milestones and expectations