The Mullings Group, Chief Commercial Officer

This is an executive-level position, reporting to the President of the Company and serving on the Company’s Board of Directors. As such, the CCO is directly engaged in Perma Pure Groups strategic planning and shares responsibility for the future growth and success of the Company. An ability to provide both long-term vision as well as day-to-day practical solutions is critical for this role.

As CCO, you will be responsible for delivering long-term sustainable sales and profit growth – through strategic leadership of Perma Pure Group’s Global Commercial team, Channel Partners, Marketing, Product Management, and Customer Service team.


  • Develop and execute a global sales strategy that combines growth from new business models and new digital business opportunities with growth from our core markets and capabilities. In some cases, assemble a team to lead and grow the new business opportunity.
  • Execute targeted plans for achieving sales growth in new or emerging markets, including China, India, Latin America, and the Middle
  • Achieve the sales and profitability forecasts that you and the leadership team develop.
  • Achieve a sales funnel with the ability to forecast and measure performance from lead generation through to close.
  • Ensure that the Company’s sales and marketing activities are attuned to serving the distinct needs of Perma Pure’s primary markets
  • Develop and execute the sales and marketing plans for our emerging B2C platform in the medical device arena.
  • Maximize the business value from our existing Customer base
  • Provide the Board with strategic marketing direction to maximize the business potential from the Company’s competitive strengths and opportunities.
  • Build and manage an opportunity pipeline sufficient to meet the Company’s new product development targets and to provide accurate sales forecasting to support the Company’s business planning needs and ensure consistent utilization of our CRM tool.
  • Collaborate with the Engineering team to develop and launch new
  • Coordinate, develop, and distribute marketing communications, with an emphasis on social and digital
  • Develop and implement eCommerce strategy
  • Accurately forecast monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales, product line gross margins and sales and marketing overheads.