DxD, Pathways in Health Technology

Pathways in Health Technology is an eight-week program for community college students who are underrepresented in the field – including women and minorities – with sophomore standing and at least one year of calculus, chemistry, biology or physics. Launching in fall 2022, the program encompasses three core elements:

  • Project-based work in small groups with a healthtech company
  • Medtech education exploring opportunities in STEM disciplines in health and health technology
  • Mental & emotional workshop to develop and strengthen mindsets.

Participants will discover the medtech ecosystem through career panels, technology showcases and a biodesign bootcamp featuring Stanford Biodesign experts. Students gain authentic, hands-on experience working in small groups on a clinical project in partnership with a healthtech company while developing an understanding of disease state, market analysis and technology, culminating with a presentation of their novel ideas. Throughout the experience, targeted sessions exploring topics such as how to ask questions and manage imposter syndrome will equip participants with an empowered mindset they can use in any professional setting in the future.

If you’re a student interested in participating, click below for application details.