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MTC Member Spotlight

Kendal Whitlock, chair of the MedTech Color Collaborative Community Product Development and Clinical Research Subcommittee has recently started a new position at Walgreens Health! Walgreens Health is a new clinical trial business of Walgreens Boots Alliance, intended to fundamentally change the paradigm for the patient experience, and expand access to treatments. Kendal has joined this new team as the Head of Digital Optimization, Real World Evidence (RWE) Clinical Trials. As an active member of the Collaborative, Kendal is constantly working to improve patient experience, especially for patients of color, “In our lifetimes, we or someone we love will become a patient. Through the Med Tech Color Collaborative Community, we aim to capture a broad and deep understanding of patient voice and experience to complement the development of medical product solutions.”

Thank you Kendal for being a MedTech Color Member!

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MedTech Color membership provides access to an incredible group of diverse Medtech leaders and young professionals who work in the medical technology industry, including: healthcare, government, law, venture capital, technology, and more. As a MedTech Color member, you will have access to our membership portal and directory, and receive discounts on MedTech Color’s and other industry partners’ event registrations, including early access to register for our 5th Annual Networking Breakfast, and curated member benefit opportunities to amplify your career.

Companies with the most ethnically diverse executive teams are 33% more likely to outperform their peers on profitability.

The future of Medtech depends on what you do today. Cultivate inclusive environments for your company and watch the growth soar!

Looking Ahead

MedTech Color wants to change the face of Medtech and is constantly working to expand our network, outreach, and impact. Keep up with MedTech Color and the exciting initiatives planned in the next year.